Meeting Jim (englische Jewelcase-Version). Zweitausendeins Edition Dokumentation 87.

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Spr.: E. 77 Min. FSK 0. Stereo DD. Zweitausendeins. 2020. DVD.
The captivating story of Jim Haynes, an extraordinary 83-year-old man who grabbed with heart and soul the spirit of the 60s and continued to carry it throughout his life. Haynes is a networker supreme whose open Sunday dinners in Paris are legendary and whose journey from the US to Edinburgh, London and Paris saw him make contacts and friends wherever he travelled. Haynes established the very first paperback bookshop in Britain, co-founded the Traverse Theatre, the newspaper I.T., the underground pop club U.F.O., and the London Arts Lab.
Meeting Jim composes an impressionistic portrait of Jim Haynes, the man and the cultural phenomenon, as seen by the many and diverse people whose lives have been touched by his. The film is a hymn to the lasting spirit of the 60s, an inspirational living proof of how we can all choose to live on the bright side: to Jim, the choice is ready-made: "Life is short: we have a duty to enjoy ourselves". "The godfather of social networking" (The Guardian).
"A documentary as genial, accessible and likable as its subject" (The Hollywood Reporter).
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