Inside the Music Industry: Creativity, Process and Business.

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Creativity, Process and Business. New York 1996. 386 Seiten. Paperback. Register. Text Englisch. Gut erhalten.
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This book is a solid introduction to the music industry for students with no prior experience, offering a comprehensive overview of the people, technologies, and law that impact on all aspects of the music business. Inside the Music Industry focuses primarily on popular/rock music and how it is created, marketed, recorded, and packaged, as well as the various media in which music plays apart, from radio to video, television, print, and film. The second edition has been thoroughly updated to take into account new developments over the last five years, including digital recording and broadcasting technology, changes in the copyright laws, and legal issues raised by new technologies, such as the controversy over "sampling" existing recordings. Throughout the text, new examples, photographs, and charts have been added to enhance the timeliness of the work.
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